I hate hurricanes

Yeah, I’m prepared, but I still hate that a nasty storm is bearing down on me. Yeah, I’ll probably keep power, unless the lines leading into my development get hit, but I still hate hurricanes.

There is absolutely nothing to like about one. All you do is worry.

Time to go get a couple of bags of sand because last week’s Wroth of God storm put a lot of water in front of my door and makes me worry that I might get some coming in during Sandy.

Stupid hurricane.

Have I mentioned how much I hate hurricanes?

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2 Responses to I hate hurricanes

  1. Pamela says:


    May it pass you by.

    Here is to you and all your neighbors being prepared just in case.

    Give the kitties a scritch

  2. anon says:


    We will pray for you, and all those in the path of this storm, tonight.

    We hope everyone out east stays safe.

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