Friday briefs

U.S. forces told to “stand down” during Benghazi attack: This is a screw-up from the very first moment, and if it were a Republican administration, this would be front-page news in every newspaper across America. Instead, only Fox News and a few conservative media outlets are reporting that the CIA operatives were denied help in the midst of the battle. This should have been a presidency-ending story–which of course, is why the media aren’t covering it.

Syrian truces are just like Palestinian truces: In a word, nonexistent. Oh, and Hezbollah is fighting the rebels across the border. And Turkey is on alert as well. The fighting has already spilled across the Turkish border.

Iran, take note: The strike on the Sudanese weapons factory was a show of force to the Mad Mullahs.

Latest poll data: Wisconsin is all tied up. Go, cheeseheads!

So once we have a state, we’re ready to talk about a state with you: Yes, that is what Mahmoud Abbas said. Once the UN gives him a state, he’s ready to talk peace with Israel. Sure. Right. Uh-huh.

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