Tuesday briefs

Remember this guy also funds al-Jazeera: The dictator of Qatar, one of the supposedly more modern Arab states, is the first head of state to visit Gaza, bringing money and prestige to Hamas. Mark him in the “enemy of Israel” column. Oh, and the women? Well, they’re sitting in the back, veiled.

At the stadium, Gaza women piled into the back stands reserved for them hours ahead of the speech. They sat under the watchful eye of Hamas policewomen in uniforms of long blue robes, light blue headscarves and navy hats.

That’s right. Hamas has brought wonderful things to Gaza, like making the women as equal as they are in Iran.

He’s a right ugly old Israel hater now, isn’t he? Jimmy Carter opened his mouth, condemnations of Israel came out. Go figure. As for the AP, they put this in the next-to-last paragraph after blaming Israel for the lack of peace negotiations:

Carter and the delegation also expressed concern about the ongoing divisions between the main Palestinian parties, Fatah and Hamas, and vowed support for a Palestinian observer state status bid at the United Nations General Assembly in November.

He stated that Israel is not committed to the two-state solution. Yeah, because it’s not like Netanyahu actually used those words over and over again in speeches, about two states living side by side in peace. What a load of crap. Angry, bitter old anti-Semitic ex-president? Media bias? Yeah, we got that.

Selfish, self-centered publicity hounds: This struck me the other day. Look at the picture in this article of the so-called “peace activists” who tried to enter Gaza. It simply screams “Look at us, the brave activists who are going to try to bust through the blockade against all odds, aren’t we just the coolest things you ever saw?” It’s all ego, now. The only items that Israel keeps out of Gaza are weapons.

By the way, al Qaeda is not on its heels: In fact, it was about to murder Westerners in Jordan.

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