Who, exactly, is the cyborg?

I finally put Instapundit in my RSS feed. In the last five days–from 16 October to 21 October–there have been 443 posts. Glenn has been using six co-bloggers. Six.

Out of the 443 posts, Glenn has written 258. That’s 58%. WHILE HE WASN’T EVEN HOME THE WHOLE TIME.

And he calls his wife a cyborg. I’m thinking Glenn’s been holding out on us.

Update: Instalink! Thanks, Cyborg Glenn!

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7 Responses to Who, exactly, is the cyborg?

  1. Doug says:

    Maybe Glenn Reynolds is just the public face of a colony organism.

  2. Antagon says:

    Instapundit’s volume of posts has increased so much that I’m thinking of dropping his feed. I can’t keep up anymore.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ah to be cyborg is to be part human as well as part machine, and a cyborg is still subject to human frailties.

  4. pst314 says:

    Puppy + blender = superhuman abilities.

  5. BlogDog says:

    He is our very own Abraham Linkin’

  6. Rick Caird says:

    “And he calls his wife a cyborg. I’m thinking Glenn’s been holding out on us.”

    Now, that was funny. Of course, I only saw the post because Glenn linked to it.

  7. Donald Campbell says:

    I too followed the link, but that is why I read Glenn, if it is funny or informative, I expect to find it there. Now, don’t rely totally on any one filter-site, but if anything his co-bloggers increase the value. They are all top notch. I have noticed that Ann Althouse links to her site far less than Glenn .

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