Misleading headline of the day

Take a look at this headline and give yourself a minute to interpret it.

Jewish and Christian groups at impasse over U.S. aid to Israel

Hm, looks like the groups are having trouble agreeing on something, right?

Wrong. Christian groups are actively asking Congress to cancel aid to Israel.

Leaders of Reform and Conservative Judaism, the American Jewish Committee, and other Jewish groups sent a letter Wednesday (Oct. 17) to their Christian counterparts on the Christian-Jewish Roundtable saying they would not be attending a long-planned Oct. 22-23 meeting.

At issue is an Oct. 8 letter that many Christian leaders — from the National Council of Churches, the United Methodist Church, the Presbyterian Church (USA) and other denominations — sent to Congress, asking that U.S. aid to Israel be re-evaluated in light of the Jewish state’s alleged human rights violations.

Jewish groups are, understandably, livid.

They are asking that the aid be canceled, using the cloak of “We just want to make sure Israel isn’t abusing Palestinian human rights” as a cover. And what groups are involved in this? PC-USA, the National Council of Churches, the United Methodist Church–all the anti-Israel ones that Sabeel managed to convince with its lies–the usual suspects who are pretty much always going with the one-side anti-Israel campaigns while ignoring utterly things like Hamas smuggling weapons into Gaza. Anti-aircraft missiles fired at Israeli helicopters? Pshaw! That was just one. Israel can deal. Missiles falling on children’s bedrooms? Who cares, nobody was hurt. What matters is “justice”.

“Realizing a just and lasting peace will require this accountability, as continued U.S. military assistance to Israel — offered without conditions or accountability — will only serve to sustain the status quo and Israel’s military occupation of the Palestinian territories.”

No mention of why the military had to go back into the West Bank. That little intifada thing? You know, the terror war that Arafat launched? That’s why Israel went back. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is THE OCCUPATION. (Also note the plural, “territories”. They’re still counting Gaza as occupied, even though Hamas declares that it is not.)

I wonder if these groups are asking Congress to review aid to Egypt, after seeing all of the anti-Christian attacks since the Muslim Brotherhood took over.

Oh, come on. We all know the answer to that one. No.

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3 Responses to Misleading headline of the day

  1. mrzee says:

    Under the terms of the Camp David Accords the level of aid to Egypt is tied to the level of aid to Israel. Of course I would never expect this administration to honour that.

  2. Gary Rosen says:

    Note that all the churches involved are the sclerotic, dying old “mainstream” Protestant denominations. Evangelical Christians overwhelmingly support Israel, as does a large majority of Americans.

  3. Elisson says:

    The Presbyterian Church not only has been at the forefront of efforts to eliminate U.S. military aid to Israel, they have also been in the forefront of efforts to convert Jews to Christianity… witness their endorsement and funding of Congregation Avodat Israel in the Philadelphia area, a “messianic” congregation that tries to blur the distinction between Judaism and Christianity in order to attract followers. Feh, says I.

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