Friday briefs

When you’ve lost the MSM: McClatchy covers the changing Benghazi story. The AP says that the CIA told the White House within 24 hours that the Benghazi attack was not a mob, but “militants“. Oh, next week’s foreign policy debate is going to be a doozy. Watch for Romney to land a lot of punches on this issue, and for Obama to show us new ways to say he did what he didn’t do.

Moral equivalence: So let’s see. Even a former Lebanese PM says that Hezbollah sending a drone into Israel violates UNSCR 1701. So what does the head of the UN do about it? Well, he says that it’s a “reckless provocation.” And then he yells at Israel.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called Hezbollah’s recent drone launch into Israeli airspace a “reckless provocation” in a report submitted Thursday to the Security Council, and warned that the war in Syria was destabilizing Lebanon.

Ban also criticized Israel, saying its use of drones and fighter jets in Lebanese territory violates Lebanon’s sovereignty. Israel and Hezbollah, a major political and military force in Lebanon, fought a war in 2006.

Because of course, that’s the issue. Israel. Violation of UN resolutions? Piffle. It’s not being done by Israel, so who cares?

But Israel doesn’t do anything for the U.S.: Yet another example of Israel sharing its knowledge with Americans to save American lives. But don’t worry, the Israel detractors will still insist that Israel gives nothing back for all those billions in aid it receives.

Muslim ERA Watch: Two Egyptian girls were punished by their teacher for refusing to wear a headscarf. Expect to see much, much more now that the Muslim Brotherhood controls Egypt.

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