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So, what, all of them have been middle-class now? The myth that terrorists all do it because they’re poor and oppressed continues to be busted, as an upper-middle class Bangladeshi boy (a Muslim, of course) was arrested for trying to blow up the Fed in NYC. And of course, his parents can’t understand why he did it. (It’s the Islamism, stupid.) Yeah, they do seem to be a bit obtuse about Number One Son:

Nafis was so timid, he couldn’t even venture out onto the roof alone, his father said. “He used to take someone to go the roof at night. I can’t believe he could be part of it (the plot).”

“He is very gentle and devoted to his studies,” he said, pointing to Nafis’ time studying at the private North South University in Dhaka.

However, Belal Ahmed, a spokesman for the university, said Nafis was a terrible student who was put on probation and threatened with expulsion if he didn’t bring his grades up. Nafis eventually just stopped coming to school, Ahmed said.

Uh-oh: Mittmentum is building! Could Pennsylvania be in play for Mitt? Probably not, but he’s getting more interest in the Rust Belt states.

Mahmoud Abbas: Open mouth, emit lies. Once again, Abbas blames Netanyahu for the lack of progress. Meanwhile, the Palestinians refuse to negotiate, try to make an end-run around Israel by violating every agreement they’ve ever signed, posts on his Facebook page that Israel is occupied Palestinian land, and–well, you get the picture. There is absolutely an obstacle to the two-state solution in the leadership of Israel and the Palestinians–and it isn’t the leadership of Israel.

Number of flotillas to help the Syrians: Still zero. Another bunch of “humanitarians” who are fighting for the rights of the poor and oppressed will be skipping the killing fields of Syria and trying to force their way into Gaza. Why? Because Israel refuses to allow Hamas free rein to import as many weapons as it wants in its mission to destroy Israel. There is no blockade of anything else, effectively. Gazans are getting plenty of food and water and other necessities, and are so wealthy they can afford to pay double for new iPhones before Israelis get them. And of course, the UN keeps yammering about how the Gazans are starving, malnourished, etc., etc., etc. Yeah. Tell it to the African migrants trying to get into Israel about how hard the Gazans have it.

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