Tuesday, briefly

Can you say “projection”? I knew you could: The Mad Mullah-in-chief of Iran is accusing the EU of being stuck in the 19th century. Of course, the proper response to that is, “Nyah-nyah, that’s 12 centuries ahead of you!” And the real reason he accused the EU, of course, was to bring the bullshit “colonialism” charge regarding how mean the EU is for applying sanctions to Iran to stop them from getting the bomb. Meanwhile, Iran is out to take over neighboring island nations with enormous oil supplies. Colonialists!

Yeah, we kinda already knew that: When even former Lebanese prime ministers point out that Hezbollah flying an Iranian drone into Israel is a violation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701, you have to wonder–what will it take to make the UN sanction Lebanon? Of course the answer to that is: Nothing.

The other side of the 1948 refugee coin: Countering the Palestinian propaganda, one article at a time. Yes, Jews were forced out of the Arab nations after Israel came into existence. They lost their property and their livelihoods, their businesses, their savings, and not a dime was ever compensated.

Everybody go “awwww”: UNESCO is griping that the funding cutoff due to their accepting the fictional nation of Palestine into their ranks is hurting them. Well, perhaps they should have waited for the Palestinians to actually sit down and negotiate a state with Israel. Don’t believe the lies UNESCO passes along about itself. It’s been viciously anti-Israel for years. But then, it’s a United Nations office. Name one that isn’t.

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