Darkness Rising: On Sale now

The author copies arrived today, and they are good. So I opened up my CreateSpace store, where you can buy the trade paperback. The ebooks will be on sale in a day or two, depending on how long it takes Amazon, B&N, and Kobo to approve them.

Darkness Rising cover

In the meantime, click here if you want the trade paperback. I get a few extra dollars if you buy through my CreateSpace store rather than through Amazon.

Here’s Darkness Rising (The Catmage Chronicles) the Amazon Kindle link.

This post is going to stay on top for a while.

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3 Responses to Darkness Rising: On Sale now

  1. Grantman says:

    Just bought it, Meryl, through your Create Space site. Hope the couple of extra bucks gets you a cup of coffee, or English Breakfast tea.

    Kol ha’kavod.


  2. Thanks, Grantman. But right now, the extra bucks are going right back into marketing. I’ve got postcards to print, copies to send to reviewers, and things like that. I won’t be seeing a dime of profit for a while. My cover design was expensive–but totally worth it.

  3. bunuel says:

    congratulations ( and don’t leave us) . todah

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