10/11/12 briefs

Hypocrisy, thy name is Erdogan: So, Turkey gets shelled by Syria, and then Turkey shells Syria–not unlike what Israel does to Gaza. Now, Turkey has forced down a Syrian airliner that it suspected was carrying weapons–not unlike Israel refusing to allow ships into Gaza. But don’t worry, the irony will remain unnoticed by the Islamist leader of Turkey, and he’ll continue to bash Israel at every opportunity. Oh, and Russia is pissed off at Turkey for harming their client state of Syria. Can’t have things get all screwed up now. Losing Syria would be a big blow to Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah. Hey, wait a minute–go, Turkey! Screw things up!

Green on green: First the Syrian rebels captured a boatload of Iranian Republican Guards. Now they have Hezbollah members. Time to sit back and watch the fireworks as the rebels do to the Iranians and Lebanese what they’ve been doing to the Syrians all along. The more they fight among themselves, the less Israel has to worry about.

A terrorist twosome: Hamas and PIJ have officially joined together to attack Israel. Because when they attacked Israel together before, it was unofficial, I guess. And of course, the Palestinian apologists throughout the world will turn a blind eye to this. Hamas must really think that Egypt is going to stop Israel from taking them out. We’ll see. The situation may change completely in 26 days. Don’t count on President Romney turning a blind eye to terrorism.

Oh, well, that makes me feel totally safe now: Russia says the Iranians will never nuke Israel. Sure. No problem. Right. You betcha. Israel can relax now. They’re safe.

Seriously? Twitter is that freaking stupid? So Twitter allows the swastika as a character and anti-Semitic tweets explode on the network. Duh.

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