A win for the truth on Israel

Honest Reporting won a complaint in the U.K. to force British newspapers to stop calling Tel Aviv the capital of Israel. From their press release:

Responding to a complaint from HonestReporting, the UK’s Press Complaints Commission (PCC) ruled this week that The Guardian newspaper violated principles of accuracy when it stated that Tel Aviv was the capital of Israel.

The ruling set a precedent on British coverage of Israel, effectively barring all British publications from referring to Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital. The PCC then upheld the precedent this week, ruling against the Daily Mail on the same issue. As a result of the ruling, the Daily Mail changed reference to “the Tel Aviv government” to “the Jerusalem government” and published a printed correction.

The PCC ruling against The Guardian brings to an end a process that began in April when The Guardian brazenly declared Tel Aviv as Israel’s capital, and included the reference in its style guide. HR issued a complaint and the PCC – unbelievably – ruled in favor of The Guardian.

In response to the ruling, HR took initial steps to launch a judicial review of the PCC. The PCC then withdrew its ruling, leading The Guardian to correct its statement on Tel Aviv and change its style guide. This week’s new ruling accepted that The Guardian’s correction was sufficient.

One for the good guys, and go HR! Contribute to them if you have a few bucks to spare. They are doing great work.

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