The AP anti-Israel bias causes an Israeli death

The AP made Jews Islamist targets. Remember the false story spread that “100 Jews” raised the money for the Muhammed film, and that its creator was an Israeli? Good work, AP, because the jihadis used that as an excuse to attack Israel.

In a statement posted on one of the jihadi websites, the group said “after finding out that Jews were involved in this matter (film), are motivating the hostile group of foreign pigs (reference to Coptic Christians in the US), took part in the film’s production and encouraged this shameful crime, and because protecting the prophet’s honor is one of our duties, your brothers from the Ansar Beit al-Maqdes organization decided to punish the Jews for their heinous crimes.”

But don’t look for any kind of change in the AP. They continue their ability to whitewash terrorism against Israel. Here are three headlines they issued on the day of the attack. Note the progression. First, the “Israel kills militants” story.

Israeli troops kill 3 militants on Egyptian border

Israeli troops shot and killed three militants attempting to infiltrate the country from Egypt on Friday, thwarting a major terror attack, the military said.

Military spokeswoman Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich said the militants were armed with weapons and were wearing explosive belts and flak jackets. She said they opened fire on troops guarding a team of workers building a border fence between Israel and Egypt’s lawless Sinai desert. The Israeli troops returned fire, killing the militants.

As always, the active voice is used to describe terrorists killed by Israelis. surprisingly, the active voice is used in the next story, but–the story focusing on the death of the IDF soldier is only four paragraphs long. The first story is three times as long and includes a history of attacks from the Sinai, conveniently neglecting to point out that when the IDF killed six Egyptian soldiers, the terrorists had dressed as Egyptian soldiers to attack Israel. Also note how the headline changes in the last update (below), and the AP starts the “shootout” meme in the lead.

Militants kill Israeli soldier on Egypt border

The Israeli military says a soldier was killed in a shootout with militants along the Israel-Egypt border.

Israeli troops shot and killed three militants who attempted to infiltrate the country on Friday, thwarting an attack.

Now, note the change in the narrative. The final update calls the incident a “border shootout,” changing it from a deliberate terrorist attack to the tit-for-tat line that the AP likes to favor.

Border shootout kills Israeli soldier, 3 militants

A shootout along the Israel-Egypt border on Friday, in which three Islamic militants and an Israeli soldier were killed, highlighted the growing threat posed by al-Qaida-inspired groups that have taken hold in the vast desert of the Sinai Peninsula.

The militants were heavily armed and wearing explosive belts when they infiltrated into Israeli territory and opened fire on soldiers protecting a team of workers building a border fence meant to buffer against just such attacks, the Israeli military said.

The AP never updated their report to include information on how despicable the attack really was. The jihadis were lying in wait, counting on the humanitarian impulses of the Israelis to stage their attack.

According to the inquiry, the terrorists had gathered intelligence and followed the group of 15 African infiltrators. When the infiltrators arrived at the border, several soldiers left their post to offer them water.

The terrorists then emerged from their hiding spot, approached the four fighters who remained at the post and opened fire, killing Netanel Yahalomi.

He died of a gunshot wound to the head. I think there’s no question of who shot first. But the AP managed to find one. Look at this lead paragraph again.

The Israeli military says a soldier was killed in a shootout with militants along the Israel-Egypt border.

So this weekend, we have the crown jewel in the AP media bias: It can be argued that Netanel Yahalomi died as a direct result of the AP’s inability to fact-check “Sam Bacile” other than to discuss his “thick accent” until the story had already spread around the world.

And we have the AP story of the results of that misinformation–without, of course, any indication by the AP of their involvement in the spread of those lies. Despicable reporting, AP. Despicable.

Ansar Jerusalem, in a statement posted on militant forums late Saturday, linked the attack to an online video denigrating the Prophet Muhammad that has sparked protests across the Muslim world.

It said the militants were Egyptians and that the operation was a “disciplinary attack against those who insulted the beloved Prophet.”

The group alleged Jewish involvement in the low-budget film, though it was produced in the United States by an American citizen who is originally from Egypt. It also praised Muslim demonstrations over the film that were directed at U.S. diplomatic facilities in many countries.


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