Same-old, same-old briefs

France’s Jews, under attack: French Muslims threw a grenade into a kosher supermarket and wounded Jewish shoppers. But it’s Muslims who are being discriminated against and attacked–because someone made a film that they don’t like.

Leave France. It isn’t safe for Jews anymore.

Another terror attack from Sinai:

Update: One IDF soldier was killed.

Shots were fired at IDF Artillery Corps soldiers from a distance of 100 meters. One soldier sustained a bullet wound to the head and was killed immediately, IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Yoav Mordechai said. The soldier has not yet been named.

But don’t worry, the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood president of Egypt is working day and night to get the treaty with Israel adjusted so that Egypt will once again have full control (read: militarization) of the Sinai. Because that’s what’s important: Lining tanks and soldiers on Israel’s borders to aid the terrorists. There’s an interesting note to the IDF response:

According to an initial investigation, three terrorists approached the border with Israel near the Carmit outpost, situated south of Mount Sagi, at a point where the border fence remains incomplete. The terrorists were equipped with explosive belts and assault rifles. The three opened fire on Artillery Corps soldiers who were securing civilians building the new border fence. Soldiers from the Caracal Battalion, in which both male and female combat soldiers serve, rushed to the scene and killed the terrorists, but not before a large explosive device the terrorists were carrying was detonated.

IDF women kick terrorist butt. Also others.

Oh, there was another terror attack attempt from Gaza, too. The IDF took care of it.

Totally awesome judge on the totally awful Mohammed film: A judge in Israel told Arab leaders that if they don’t like the Mohammed film, then they shouldn’t watch it, and he would not issue any kind of injunction preventing its being viewed in Israel.

The petitioners attempted during the hearing to press the judge on the matter, but to no avail, with the judge suggesting that “for the time being, anyone who finds the film offensive should avoid watching it.”

“Anyone who doesn’t search for the film, won’t find it,” she added.

Well, that is eminently sensible. Watch for the protests to go on anyway.

The Presidential Apology Tour, cont’d: Yeah, tell me again how Obama isn’t apologizing for the U.S. Shall we compare and contrast what the State Department said when the virulently anti-Semitic series, “Horseman without a horse,” was presented by Egyptian state-run TV? The 30-part series was based on the Russian forgery, “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”, and run during the peak viewing season of Ramadan. Oh, and they reran it this year.

“At a time when the Egyptian government is working to promote peace in the region, a program that promotes hatred would be extremely unfortunate and counterproductive,” the State Department spokeswoman said at the time.

Somehow, I don’t recall Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton critizing Egypt for rerunning the program, which denigrates, mocks, and spreads vicious lies about Jews and Judaism. Hypocrites much?

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  1. Cynic says:

    Just to add some info to the “one IDF soldier killed:
    A group of Africans approached the border and the soldiers went to give them water.
    Doing so, exposed themselves to the Arabs and one soldier was killed.
    Now where are those hypocrites of the media and Obama & co., to protest at the killing of a Jew giving water to an African in the parched heat of the desert?

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