The my cover’s not done so I’m still here briefs

Oh, please: Naivete from an intellectual who should certainly know better. Bernard-Henri Levy on how the AP owes Jews an apology for spreading the lie that “Sam Bacile” was an Israeli and had financing from “100 Jews” for his anti-Muhammed film. Really, Bernie? Really?

Shut up until you release the Rashid Khalidi tape, LA Times: Yeah, the Times doesn’t like what Mitt said privately at a fundraiser about the high percentage of Americans on the government dole and the fact that the Palestinians don’t want two states or peace. Because if the Khalidi tape is so harmless, why are you refusing to release it?

Yeah, right.

Hamas is now in control of most of the UNRWA workers in Gaza: But don’t worry, they don’t influence the UN at all. Or bias reports by workers on the ground against Israel, or anything like that. Nope. Nuh=uh.

Oh, grow the hell up: More Muslim anti-America protests by people who think their prophet is a delicate flower who many not be depicted or insulted. Yeah, whatEVER.

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