Better than them

A rabbi from the same town as the teenagers who attacked Arab-Israelis last week wrote a letter to his community emphasizing how wrong it is to attack Arabs. This is why I simply cannot grasp how much of the world is behind the Palestinians and demonizes the Israelis. Find me one–ONE–letter such as this from a Muslim cleric to Palestinians who conducted attacks on Israelis. Go ahead. Just one.

In a letter to Bat Ayin residents, Rabbi Cohen said, “Such an act is a crime and points to moral degeneration that fails to distinguish between murder and defense, war and terror. Such acts are wrong and reprehensible; they indicate confusion and lack of judgment.”

He urged Bat Ayin’s youth “not to be led astray by inflammatory ideas. Build yourselves with Torah and toil. Build this country with hard work and devotion. Join a yeshiva or the army.”

The rabbi also addressed the national settlement debate. “The problem is not the Arabs, but an internal moral debate within the Israeli society.” He stressed, “Harming Arabs is wrong and detrimental in terms of the debate.” He concluded by saying, “Remember, it’s okay to protest the government’s – but only legally.”

Of course, the anti-Israel forces are playing up the attack and ignoring the national outcry over it. Will the New York Times publish this rabbi’s letter? Doubtful. It goes against the narrative of violent religious Jews.

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2 Responses to Better than them

  1. Russ says:

    Meryl, are you assuming that the world makes it judgments based on religious understanding of right and wrong? No. World judgment is made on the basis of secular liberal ethics: if you are strong, you are an oppressor and automatically wrong. If you are weak, you are a victim and automatically in the right.

    Follow the logic: the Palestinian’s do horrible things – I would only do such things if I were oppressed beyond belief. Imagine what those Jews must be doing to the Palestinians to cause them to engage in terrorism. Any evidence that Jews are not horrible must therefore be dismissed as propaganda.

  2. Cynic says:

    Judgements are made on an idealogical basis and that gets murderers human rights which are denied to others, their victims, oh sorry those responsible for getting murdered.
    As an example of the hypocrisy and blatant nonsense
    Al-Qaeda terrorists launch human rights bid

    Two Al-Qaeda terrorists, one of whom plotted to kill thousands of people in a bomb attack on a British shopping centre, have launched an attempt to have their convictions quashed on human rights grounds.

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