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More rockets in Sderot, more yawns from the world: Rockets hit a home in Sderot today. Thankfully, no one was hurt. The AP barely notices it. But the news article (as well as the AFP) doesn’t note a single, extremely important detail. Why were there no injuries? Because the rocket failed to explode.

Security forces arrived at the scene to remove the Qassam rocket, which failed to explode completely when it hit the house.

Media bias? Yeah, we got that.

This is why I always leave a cash tip: Besides the fact I allow my servers to cheat on their taxes (oh, come on, you know they all claim less in tips than they receive), I’d already heard something about how they’re forced by management to share a large percentage with the restaurant staff, even if you’re tipping them highly because they were great. But then there’s this:

“Owners have forced waiters to give the kitchen a cut of the tips. Illegal. Instead of paying their hardest-working (kitchen) employees more, quite a few owners will steal it from the waiter. This is an old story.”

Nice. I’m a firm believer in having restaurants pay wait staff at least minimum wage. Tipping prevents that from occurring. Why doesn’t the SEIU care about waiters and their wages, I wonder? The minimum cash wage for wait staff is $2.13 in most states. Super.

This one’s almost positive: The reviews pile in for Romney’s speech. And yeah, I don’t know what Clint Eastwood was trying to do, either. But this was one of my favorite moments: Jeb Bush telling Obama to STFU about W. Can’t WAIT to see the Dems’ responses next week.

And the IAEA has such a believable record: WaPo says Iran is speeding up uranium production, but the IAEA says a lot of it can’t be used to make nukes. The is the same IAEA that was led by a man who constantly helped Iran by downplaying its readiness to create nuclear weapons. Also, if they’re so hot for research nukes, why did it level the ground that IAEA inspects were supposed to see to the point where they could find nothing useful?

U.N. officials also criticized Iran for refusing to grant IAEA inspectors access to facilities where Iranian scientists are
suspected to have carried out nuclear-weapons related experiments. Tehran has sparred for months with the U.N. nuclear watchdog over whether inspectors can examine a military site known as Parchin, where Iran is believed to have tested a type of detonator used to trigger nuclear explosions.

Months of negotiations failed to produce an agreement on access to Parchin, and U.N. officials cited satellite photographs showing that cleanup work has been underway there.

“Significant ground-scraping and landscaping have been undertaken over an extensive area at and around the location,” and several buildings have been demolished or covered with large shrouds, the report said.

Yeah, I totally believe the IAEA. They’re never wrong. Right. sure.

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