Monday briefs

A jihadi riddle for you: What happens when you put a jihadi in charge of a country where super-jihadis operate freely? The jihadi negotiates an agreement with the super-jihadis. No doubt Morsi told the Salafists that he doesn’t care how many Jews they kill, but they’re no longer allowed to murder Egyptians on the way to Israel. And doubtless, when Morsi is feeling secure enough, his people will call their people and they’ll do lunch–in Israel, with bombs and weapons galore.

Shocked, shocked, I tell you: The Egyptians who stormed the Israeli embassy last year were all given suspended sentences. I’m utterly surprised that the Egyptian courts didn’t see this violation of diplomatic protocol as important at all. After all, they’re just following the example set by Iran in the 70s.

And the world says, so what? Three more rockets fired from Gaza, more yawns from the world. But they’re yawning about the death toll in Syria now, which is higher than the entire death toll from Israel’s wars since 1948. It’s at what, 20,000 now? Funny how the world media goes after Israel 24/7 when there’s a Gaza operation, but the same thundering editorials and op-eds and protests don’t seem to be as evident when it isn’t Israel killing the Arabs. Double standard? You betcha.

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