Sunday briefs

This is why Israel’s enemies’ casualties are so high: Hezbollah is recommending that residents of southern Lebanon trust in God to protect them in the event of a war with Israel. Yeah, that worked so well last time. Perhaps, instead, they should not let Hezbollah build missile launching pads and stockpiles in and under their homes.

A victory for Iran: The nation that is supposedly under great sanctions that will get it to stop enriching uranium is holding a summit for the 120 non-aligned nations, including a visit by the head of the UN, Ban Ki-moon. Yep. That isolation is working so good that Mad Mahmoud is calling the summit proof that Iran is not being isolated. And you have to admit, he’s not wrong about that. More proof that the Obama Administration’s smart power is working!

Awesome. The Rafah crossing is opening 24/7: And in celebration, terrorists fired three rockets into Sderot. Wait, what’s that? Someone predicted that Hamas and the new Muslim Brotherhood government were just waiting for the outrage over the terrorist attack that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers to die down? Boy, that person must be prescient or something.

So, now that the Rafah crossing is open, think it will stop Israel’s enemies from talking about Gaza being an “open-air prison”? Or the Gazans are starving or something? Think it will stop the Israeli boycotts?

Of course not. They still have all their “Settler! Settler!” cries in order, and they will always find a new reason to hate Israel. The latest one is how racist Israel is because a group of Jewish teens beat up an Arab-Israeli teen. Funny how they never seem to cry racism when it’s the other way ’round. It’s always “oppression” then.

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2 Responses to Sunday briefs

  1. Empress Trudy says:

    Lebanon and Hezbollah will claim that (of course) 100% of the resulting casualties were Syrian refugees. It’s classic Arabism.

  2. residents of southern Lebanon trust in God to protect them

    If they actually “trusted in G0d”, they would be careful not to start a war with Israel in the first place. It is obvious that they really do not believe in G0d, no matter what they say.

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