Tuesday brief briefs

Hamas is feeling the heat: They arrested one of the terrorists behind the June attack, and are swearing cooperation with the Egyptian government. If only I didn’t know that the minute the dust settles, the Morsi government will be aiding and abetting Hamas whenever possible. Think not? Well, look at how they’ve re-militarized the Sinai in violation of the Camp David Accords.

Iran, Iran, Iran: Let’s see. It’s upgrading short-range missiles. The foreign minister continues the calls for Israel’s destruction. And those “crippling” sanctions the Obama administration is always bragging about? Well, South Korea resumes Iranian oil imports next month. South Korea. You know, the country that we protect from North Korea. The one we shed blood and treasure over. Also, Iraq is helping Iran get around the boycotts as well. Awesomeness above awesomeness. You know, if we did have a 100% foolproof missile defense shield, I’d say put it up and let the rest of the Middle East duke it out (but send help to Israel).

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2 Responses to Tuesday brief briefs

  1. Gary Rosen says:

    “The second you quote DEBKA, you have lost all credibility.”

    Does the same go for Weekly World News?

  2. Gary Rosen says:

    Oops, wrong thread.

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