Friday, briefly

Uh-oh: There may be an October surprise for Iran. I would advise you to stock up on gas now, but storing gasoline is a really bad idea, generally. Maybe we should buy gold?

That’s okay, the terrorists will just kidnap another soldier and release them again anyway: Two more perpetrators of the most horrific symbol of the terror war, the beating to death of two Israeli soldiers who had lost their way in the terrortories [sic], have been arrested. See title.

Maybe if you say “pretty please”: Hamas is demanding that Egypt open the Rafah crossing. The fact that terrorists used it to attack Israel while murdering 16 Egyptian soldiers as a by-the-way appears to be irrelevant. Here’s my favorite quote:

“Gaza could never be anything but a source of stability for Egypt,” Haniyeh added, saying those responsible for the Sinai slayings were conspiring to tighten an Israeli blockade on Gaza in force since Hamas seized control of the territory in 2007.

Yes, if by “stability” you mean “egress for terrorists,” then Gaza is awesomely awesome for that.

And on cue, the Fatah loyalists are pointing out that Hamas rule is the reason Gaza is full of terrorists. (The irony in that one is rich, when you consider that Hamas terror attacks happened only when Yasser Arafat said they could.)

Outrageously outraged outrage: Israel demolished two illegal homes in eastern Jerusalem. The UN put caravans in the rubble. Now Israel has approved the demolition of the caravans. The screams of outrage, they will be heard by the Mars Rover.

Talk about your timing: A report saying that Hezbollah and Iran are using Lebanon’s banks to launder funds for Hezbollah comes out just as Kaspersky says it has found another virus in the mold of Flame (son of Stuxnet). What does this one do? Why, it steals banking data.

Government excess, U.K. style: I barely know whether to laugh or not at this one. A British MP is letting the taxpayer foot the bill for his Hebrew lessons so he can talk to his Israeli partner. And apparently, this isn’t the first time–another British MP let the government pay for his Mandarin lessons after marrying a Chinese wife. Put this one under: Fat cats think they deserve all kinds of extra perks that you and I have to pay for. Although it’s possible that one British MP isn’t nearly as anti-Israel as the average.

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  1. Gary Rosen says:

    The MP’s partner is either Peace Now or Neturei Karta, bank on it.

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