Wednesday news briefs

Irony alert: Egypt is “cleansing” the Sinai of terrorists, at least, the ones that attack Egyptians. Don’t worry, though, the AP isn’t concerned that the airstrikes might hit civilians. Nobody is, because Israel isn’t the one doing them.

Conspiracy theorists, Muslim Brotherhood hardist hit: Egyptian intelligence is admitting that they had early warning about the terrorist attack that killed 16 soldiers. Gee, maybe it wasn’t the Mossad, after all.

Curses! It’s the Kurds again: Reuters says Turkey’s worst nightmare is coming true–a protracted civil war in Syria that might lead to another semi-autonomous Kurdish region. Nah, that’s not their worst nightmare. Their worst nightmare is Israel ascendant.

Terrorists and Palestinians: But I repeat myself. Hezbollah found some willing accomplices in the West Bank town of Nazareth to smuggle in 20 kilograms of C4. That’s a lot of suicide bombs. Three cheers for the Shin Bet!

Chutzpah, thy name is Abbas: Okay, so get this. Mahmoud Abbas is trying once again to make an end run around dealing with Israel by going once again to the UN to try to get them to declare a state for him. Avigdor Lieberman slammed the PA and Abbas for it. So now Abbas says that Lieberman is the reason there’s no peace process. Riiiight. Moron.

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