Wednesday I’m now part-time briefs

Yep, it’s my first day as a part-timer at Co. in NorVA, so I have more time to do things like write. And blog.

Culture matters: Mitt Romney doubles down on what he said in Israel that so pissed off the Palestinians. What a racist.

So he’s taking the phrase “nanny state” literally: Nanny Bloomberg is forcing hospitals to cut back on offering new mothers baby formula. Because the mayor of New York should be doing things like that. It’s the state’s job, don’t you see? And, as a man, he is such an expert on having babies.

Well, duh: The IDF will attack Iran if ordered to do so. Really? This was a controversy? Name a democracy that has had problems with its military carrying out commands. This isn’t Syria, where soldiers are being ordered to murder civilians.

In the “Who cares?” news of the day: Eight badminton players were expelled for trying to throw games so they could have better placement in the next rounds. Seriously? Badminton is an Olympic sport? Seriously? No, really–seriously?

And yet, I don’t believe him: Leon Panetta is in Israel, insisting that the U.S. will use military action to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. See title.

Ew, Jew cooties: Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi sent a letter to Israeli President Shimon Peres, in which he said he wanted peace between the two nations. Peres publicized the letter after getting permission. Now Morsi is saying he never sent the letter. Because that’s what Egyptians do when it looks like they’re being friendly to Jews. Deny it.

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  1. .. badminton is an Olympic sport??
    i thought it was an occasion for, um, Welsh hip hop :

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