Late Monday briefs

Just goes to show you, school hasn’t changed at all since I was in it: Well, except the reading teacher in my high school ultimately got fired after he was caught screwing a teenage girl. Looks like it’s still going on all over the place. And teachers unions are protecting the bad guys.

Still more rockets hitting Israel: Move along, nothing to see here. It’s far more important to report that Saab Erekat is calling Mitt Romney a racist for saying that Israeli culture is superior to Palestinian culture. Say, jackass: It is. No Israeli has ever blown him or herself up in a room full of civilians or a busload of children. And by the way, take note of how the press is playing Romney’s trip. It’s all negative. The fact that he raised a million dollars in Israel and spoke in front of cheering crowds of Israelis? Barely touched on. Instead, they’re concentrating on the whining of the Palestinians. Oh, like that’s new.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Presumably that million came from American expats. In any case, after the help Obama got from Gaza in 2008 and the, ahem, loose controls his campaign had over online credit card donations, the Dems will have a hard time protesting Romney’s fundraising there while keeping a straight face. Although I suppose we should not put anything past them in the way of chutzpah. That’s one Yiddish concept Obama and his pals are thoroughly familiar with. I wonder if they ever sent a thank-you card to whatever planet Rrrrrrr lives on, or sent one to Mickey Mouse for his donation? It seems the least they could have done.

    Erekat seems to have picked up sloppy thinking from our Progressives, confusing a cultural argument with racism. Of course, that’s been a standard epithet on the Left for almost forty years, an epithet useful in all circumstances, irrespective of the truth. The infamous “Zionism equals racism” lie was passed by the UN General Assembly in 1975. Lefties are still flogging it, along with the Muslims. The irony is that it is the Progs and other lefties, not conservatives, who think in the collectivist, essentialist manner that characterizes actual racism. Who, for example, if not the Progs, think that black people have, owing to their blackness, black thoughts and black ways of thinking different from those of white people arising from their whiteness? Replace “black” and “white” with “Aryan” and “Jewish” and you have a basic assumption of Nazi antisemitism.

  2. Alex Bensky says:

    That’s the line among my leftist Facebook friends–it’s racist.

    By any reasonable definition of the word,how can it be? He’s speaking about culture, not race and his point that Israeli culture has led certain ways that Palestinian culture has not–one would think this is both obvious and unexceptionable.

    I’m confused. All the “racist!” criers lean over backwards to tell you how multicultural they are. Then when someone raises a question about culture, it’s suddenly racism.

  3. Michael Lonie says:

    If one recalls that sixty percent of Israel’s Jews are from
    Arab countries (a few are from other Muslim majority ones) Erekat’s rant looks even stupider than it did, if that is possible. Furthermore, Israel’s Arabs have a much higher annual per capita income than their “brother Arabs” elsewhere (aside from the oil ticks), for they share in the production and prosperity of Israel’s economy. That’s one of the reasons that practically none of them want to be governed by the PA, much as they may dislike living in a Jewish state.

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