Friday briefs

Shades of 1930s Europe: Switzerland joins Germany’s war on Jews and Muslims by banning circumcision. First they ban kosher slaughter. Then they ban circumcision. Give them time, and they will ban Judaism completely. They did it before.

Israel remembers the victims of the Munich Olympics: The IOC will not, but Israel did. The big question is: Will the audience at tonight’s ceremony?

Ankie Spitzer and Ilana Romano are asking audience members to stand in silence when International Olympic Committee chief Jacques Rogge rises to speak at Friday’s ceremony.

I doubt it. Europeans don’t give a shit about Jews. They’ve proven that over the centuries. As for the PA, they have congratulated the IOC for not exhibiting “racism” by honoring the memory of the murdered Israelis. It’s not terrorism. It’s racism. And these are Israel’s so-called peace partners.

Using the state to force citizens to think the way you want: The cities of Chicago and Boston are threatening to refuse Chik-fil-A franchises in their towns because they don’t like the owner of Chik-fil-A’s view on homosexuality. It is a classic example of a violation of First Amendment rights: Dan Cathy is being punished for expressing his ideas. Let me be clear about something. I have no issue with gay marriage. I have serious issues with government penalizing private businesses for not agreeing with them. And the worst part of all is that much of the material against Cathy is either made up or distorted by the media (gee, that never happens).

Really? “Sense pressure”? Really? Talk about your whitewashing. Here’s the Reuters headline on Muslims forcing Gaza Christians to convert: Gaza Christians sense pressure to convert to Islam. Right.

Well, it goes with their narrative: Iran says Israel blew up its own tourists in Bulgaria just so it could blame Iran for it. Batshit crazy people. But no, they’re not going to try to nuke Israel if they get the bomb. Don’t be ridiculous. They’re totally sane and normal.

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4 Responses to Friday briefs

  1. Empress Trudy says:

    German speaking doctors obsessed with Jewish male baby reproductive biology? Where have I seen that before?

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    The Iranian mullahs must be projecting, asserting that Israel would do what the mullahs would do.

    Of course, the Iranian rulers lie about everything else, why should they not lie about this matter? Some will believe them, just as some believed Stalin’s often absurd accusations against his enemies in the show trials. Those who want to believe the worst about Israel and the Jews will gobble it up.

  3. Gary Rosen says:

    “Spanish Jews sense pressure to convert to Christianity”

    – Reuters on the Inquisition

  4. Alex Bensky says:

    Male circumcision is removal of a few millimeters of foreskin. Female circumcision is something else entirely. Do Germany and Switzerland ban it?

    They may well do so but I’d be interested–does anyone know?

    Meanwhile, we might reflect on this and on the current administration’s viewpoint that a cabinet secretary can determine what a religion’s “real” beliefs and functions are. And if PETA-types decide that kosher slaughtering is also wrong?

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