The video that’s pissing off Egypt

Ah, the Egyptians. Now remember, it isn’t Jews they have a problem with. It’s Israelis.

Oh, bullshit. It’s Jews.

The video, which the Temple Institute says is designed to “change the way people think about the Temple and the commandment to rebuild it,” has garnered almost 200,000 hits in five days. It depicts two children building a sand-castle model of the Temple on a beach, and fleetingly features a copy of The Jerusalem Post open to an article about new Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi.

This is a video about Tisha b’Av, the ninth of Av, the day we commemorate the destruction of the First and Second Temples. Because that’s the day they were destroyed. The video is by the Temple Institute.

According to its website, the Temple Institute’s “long-term goal is to do all in our limited power to bring about the building of the Holy Temple in our time,” while in the short term seeking to “rekindle the flame of the Holy Temple in the hearts of mankind through education.”

The organization has reproduced the Temple vessels in strict accordance with Jewish law, including a golden Menora costing $2 million, and also strongly advocates Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount.

Yeah, I advocate Jewish prayer rights there, too, but Muslims think that the Temple Mount is all theirs since they built two mosques on top of it. Oh, and here’s what the Egyptians had to say about the video:

According to the Temple Institute, Egyptian activists flooded the YouTube page of the video with anti-Semitic and anti-Israel slogans – which were subsequently removed – protesting what they interpreted as a subversive suggestion that Mursi would not hinder the rebuilding of the Temple on the Temple Mount, where the Dome of the Rock shrine and Al-Aksa Mosque stand.

Hey, Egyptian Muslims: We’re living in your heads, rent-free. In luxury townhouses.

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One Response to The video that’s pissing off Egypt

  1. Alex Bensky says:

    They don’t just think its theirs because they built two mosques on it, Meryl. The Official Palestinian position is that today’s Jews have no connection with the land and that there never was a Temple.

    The J Street-type line is that all the hideous things the Palestinian leadership is just rhetoric and they really want a two-state solution. Assuming arguendo that this is true, after sixty years of nothing but Jew-hatred and denial drummed into them, with no countervailing Palestinian sources urging otherwise, why would the Palestinian people say, “OK, yeah, we understood all along it was just talk. Now let’s all sing hinei ma-tov together.”

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