The Dark Knight Rises

Excellent movie. I think it was almost the best of the bunch. If you were thinking of seeing it, definitely do so.

I didn’t find any political statements in the movie, just your typical Dark Knight good and evil themes.

Anne Hathaway was amazing as Catwoman. This is a good, good movie.

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5 Responses to The Dark Knight Rises

  1. Rahel says:

    As a little girl, I loved the character of Catwoman, for obvious reasons. I figured that she must be misunderstood rather than a true criminal, since anyone who loved cats and identified with them so strongly that she walked around in a cat costume couldn’t be bad.

    Well, I was a little girl then….

  2. Alex Bensky says:

    No Catwoman will ever come close to Julie Newmar.

  3. dscottj says:

    How kid-friendly was it? For perspective, Olivia saw & loved The Avengers.

  4. I think it’s too violent and scary for kids. It’s much darker. And Bane is really creepy-looking from a 9-year-old’s perspective. Did she see either of the other Batman films? My friend Sarah won’t allow her 10.5-year-olds to see them.

  5. Soccerdad says:

    Saw it last night with two of my boys.

    Enjoyed it tremendously.

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