Tuesday briefs

Why is this woman smiling? Because she’s escaping from those freaky scientologists: Katie Holmes has escaped the conditioning and is divorcing Tom Cruise. The Daily News is all over the story (which totally amuses me), including showing this one, showing a bunch of goons waiting outside her hotel. The reason she’s leaving him? Word is that scientology wants her six-year-old daughter, and Katie finally woke up to the fact that scientology is nothing more than a crazy cult. Pass the popcorn, celebrity watches, and root for Katie. I think she’s going to get the win, which will be sole custody of Suri. Katie’s dad is a divorce lawyer. Good luck, Katie! I’m cheering for you. Cue the scientology nutjob emails/comments in 3… 2… 1 (they always do, and I always ignore them or tell them to go away).

Gee, ya think? Bashar al-Assad says he regrets shooting down the Turkish jet. No. Really? In other news, Anderson Cooper is gay, and the sun rises in the east. And of course, the Dorktator says he really wishes his air force had shot down an Israeli plane.

Statehood by any other means: The PA continues its UN push for statehood by trying to insinuate itself into a conference that only UN member states can attend. It was blocked by the US, the EU, and Israel. But the US did not stop the anti-Israel hatefes at the UN yesterday. The Obama administration did not block the attempt by the UNHCR to vilify Israel. It agreed to it as a quid-pro-quo for taking up the Syrian cause. Read it all, and remember how often Obama pretends to be Israel’s greatest friend. Yeah, with friends like him, Israel could be facing an existential war on her own.

That unity agreement’s not looking so good these days: Hamas has stopped voter registration in Gaza, meaning, of course, that there will be no new elections. All those surprised, please take three steps backwards.

This is why I won’t put Facebook on my phone: I don’t use my main email address for my FB account, and I won’t use my phone because it’s simply not that important to me (plus I’m too cheap to get the intertubes on my phone). Because FB took over your email contacts and switched them all over to its own email system. Awesome, FB. Way to make people believe you’re interested in their privacy concerns. Hey, I have a tablet without 4G because I don’t need it yet. I bought the tablet so I can write in the waiting rooms of doctors’ offices. And it’s worked. I probably wrote about 2000 words of my novel that way. Between that and my work laptop, all my smartphone does is text.

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