Monday briefs

But Israel should totally lift the Gaza blockade: PIJ terrorists killed an Israeli working on the security fence between Israel and Egypt. The Israeli’s name? Said Phashpashe. Think the AP will note that an Arab-Israeli was killed by Palestinian terrorists? Oh, don’t be ridiculous. Look how they write about the IDF taking out two PIJ terrosts after the attack:

Several hours after the attack, an Israeli airstrike killed two men riding a motorcycle in the northern Gaza Strip near the Israeli border. The Islamic Jihad militant group said the men were members who were conducting a “reconnaissance” mission. Military officials said the incident was not connected to the earlier infiltration from Egypt.

They don’t even label them as “militants”. Your daily AP anti-Israel bias is showing.

That “moderating” Muslim Brotherhood attacked Israel: Grad rockets were fired at Israel from Sinai over the weekend, and it was the Muslim Brotherhood, acting at the request of Hamas, that was responsible. Are we happy the military is taking back control of Egypt? Frankly, yes. Gee, I guess those “Facebook kids” were in over their heads a bit, hey, Tom Friedman? (Moron.)

Muslims targeting Christians–again: Another church bombing in Nigerai, and of course it was Islamists. Christians are in danger from Islamic extremists the world over, and the world is still pretending that Israel is the big danger to Christians in the Middle East. Right. Because Israel drove the Christians out of Gaza. Oh, wait. That was Hamas. And Israel drove the Christians out of Lebanon. Oh, wait. That was Hezbullah. And Israel drove the Christians out of the West Bank. Oh, wait. That’s the PA. Never mind. Move along here, nothing to see.

Not at all surprising: German neo-Nazis helped Black September perpetrate the Munich Olympics terrorist attack on the Israeli team. What is new is that the German police knew about this seven weeks before the attack–and did nothing. Gee. Germans doing nothing while Jews are murdered… what a surprise. Not.

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