Quick Friday briefs

What a shocker: Terrorists funding terrorism. The IHH, the Turkish “charity” organization that funded the Mavi Marmara and supplied the terrorists and the weapons to attack the IDF, is under investigation for sending money to al Qaeda. Shocked, shocked, I tell you.

Still waiting for the worldwide protests and the thundering General Assembly resolutions: Syria is being called out for crimes against humanity. See title.

Yet another coup in Egypt: I can’t tell the players without a scorecard anymore. Barry Rubin is following the developments, so I don’t have to.

Okay, I’m really shocked here: UNESCO is telling the PA they’re not going to recognize the Church of the Nativity as a “Palestinian” heritage site. The UN is saying Jesus wasn’t a Palestinian. Really. Scan the skies for flying pigs.

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  1. Eric J says:

    “The IHH … is under investigation for sending money to al Qaeda without paying the proper bribes to Turkish authorities.

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