Late Tuesday briefs

The incitement that doesn’t exist: One more example of how the Palestinians want to live in peace with Israel. That is, if you ignore the fact that they’re teaching their kindergarteners to blow up Israelis.

The hypocrisy of the human rights protests: It’s astonishing how many times Israel has been excoriated and protested by the world’s angry youth regarding human rights issues that, well, are miniscule. In the meantime, Syria has been executing whole families, and taking great glee in murdering infants and toddlers, and there are no protests outside Syrian embassies, the heads of the Arab and Muslim nations aren’t thundering from every platform, the Turkish despot-wannabe can’t seem to find the time to talk about crimes against humanity and the Hague regarding his Syrian “brother”, and well–need I go on? Of course not. However, if those children had been killed by the IDF–well, you’d have UN resolutions galore.

I hope they all lose: OPEC is trying to set its cartel price for oil. I hope there’s some kind of major drop that screws them all over.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Really, this is the headline. Really.

Syria firestorm proving too fierce for Annan’s cooling touch

You mean like the cooling touch that stopped the Rwanda massacres? Oh. Wait.

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