Thursday news roundup

Endgame for Assad? Russia is talking about allowing the Dorktator to live with them in exile. It’s apparently Kofi Annan’s idea, since he never met a ruthless dictator responsible for the massacre of thousands that he could hold accountable. And of course, the UN would let it happen, because they’re all about the continuity of, well, the UN. Do I think the Dorktator is going to take it? Nope. Nobody’s stopping him from murdering his people so far. Why should he?

Seriously? I mean, really? Israel says Iran is deceiving the West regarding its nuke program, and the AP, of course, brings out as biased a headline it can manage while not backing up Israel’s claims until the fourth paragraph, knowing full well that most newspapers print only three to five (usually three) paragraphs in the world news sections. The headline? Oh, it’s joyful: “Israel accuses Iran of nuclear deception”. Yeah, so does the IAEA, but that’s never noted in the headline.

Well, she started it: A grown man slaps a grown woman because he is a neo-Nazi and she is a Communist. He then runs from the police, and his neo-Nazi party releases a statement that says he was “provoked”. Because that’s what grownups do when provoked. Slap women. The good news is there will be pictures of this loser in handcuffs. Golden Dawn: The not-so-Nazi party, but hey, we slap women around when we disagree with them.

What legitimacy? See, this is what’s wrong with the UN. By granting the same rights to nations run by thugs and dictators as they do by democracies and actual republics, they grant the very “legitimacy” they then say that these horrible men lose when they start murdering their own citizens. What part of “dictator” doesn’t the UN get? And why did Bashar al-Assad lose all legitimacy in Ban’s eyes? Was it the decades-long repression of his citizens? No. The takeover of Lebanon? Nope. The constant threat to Israel? Nuh-uh. The fomenting of terror support to Saddam Hussein and Iraq while America was fighting to clear that country of terrorists? Hell, no. What tipped the regime into illegitimacy for Ban?

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says United Nations monitors were shot at trying to get to the scene of the latest Syrian massacre, charging that President Bashar Assad’s regime has lost any remaining legitimacy.

The UN chief told the General Assembly on Thursday that the unarmed observers were initially denied access to the scene in central Hama and “were shot at with small arms” while trying to get there.

Oh. Now I get it. Never mind the thousands of Syrians murdered. When this buffoon shoots at UN observers, he’s lost all legitimacy.

Out of the UN. Please.

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