Friday holiday weekend briefs

And they’ll take care of the Temple Mount. Honest. They promise: A fifth-century synagogue in Palestinian-controlled Jericho was desecrated with swastikas. Because the Palestinians are all about respecting other religion’s holy sites. Just ask the Christians in Gaza. Oh. Wait. There are only 1500 of them left. Never mind. Shyeah, like we’re ever gonna let them have the Temple Mount back. I have an idea. Let’s give it back to them after the Messiah gets here, if that’s what he says we should do.

Surprise! The world is more Palestinian than the Palestinians: South Africa is the latest nation to hop on the boycott-Israel bandwagon, but the Palestinians are happy to have Israeli products in their stores and homes. Irony? Doesn’t exist as far as Israel’s enemies are concerned.

Cutting off its nose to spite its wallet: Israeli exports and tourism to Turkey continue to drop. Gee, I wonder why? Oh, that’s right. Because it’s a country run by anti-Israeli Islamists, the very model the Muslim Brotherhood is trying to emulate. At least the part where they lie and say they’re not going to impose Islamic law. Until they do.

Amnesty’s annual anti-Israel report is out: Yeah, yeah, yeah. It’s time for the annual human rights reports, and of course, Amnesty pretty much only considers Israel responsible for Gaza, even though Egypt is on the other side of the Gaza border and maintains an even more strict closure. But that’s not relevant, because they’re not Jews. This is a sample of the anti-Israel bias of the report:

Palestinian activists in the West Bank who mounted protests, some peaceful, against the fence/wall and the presence of illegal Israeli settlements continued to face arrest and trial before Israeli military courts.

The dishonesty is jaw-dropping. Instead of outright acknowledging that pretty much every protest against the security fence devolves into rock-throwing at IDF soldiers, the weasel words “some peaceful” are inserted to make it seem like Israel is randomly arresting Palestinian protesters. You really need read no further than that. The report is a waste of time.

Madonna just doesn’t get it: Really, Madonna. I know you’re into kabbala and all that, but don’t you understand that you’re going against the hoi polloi who say you should boycott Israel? Starting your world tour in Israel? What is wrong with you, woman? Esther, Esther, Esther. They’re going to shake their heads and tell you that they’re never going to buy your music again, then secretly download it from iTunes.

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  1. Gary Rosen says:

    “Some peaceful”

    Wow. Just when you thought the MSM couldn’t stoop any lower …

  2. Gary, that’s not the media. That’s AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL lying about the protests.

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