Early Caturday post

I think what the world needs today is more cat pictures. Because there just aren’t enough of them on the internet.

Tig loves the sun.

Tig loves the sun

And Gracie loves her ball. It took me forever to get a picture of her playing with it. As soon as I turn to watch her, she stops.

Gracie with her ball

Happy Friday!

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3 Responses to Early Caturday post

  1. Rahel says:

    Ohhh… skritch, skritch, skritch.

  2. John M. says:

    Ruthless carnivores. Good thing we’re bigger than they are, or we’d be lunch.

  3. Pamela says:

    “I gots a ball” says Gracie and from Tig “warmm purrpurr”

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