Wednesday briefs

We’re still here: And we’re not going anywhere. On Israel’s Memorial Day, a message to her neighbors.

“They are murderers – we are builders. Historically, the Jewish people has always outlasted its enemies. They have disappeared, and we’re here. I know that the price paid by the bereaved families is unbearable, and I want to express my thanks and the thanks of the entire nation for their strength, their courage.”

“The memory of your loved ones will stay in our hearts forever, may their memories be blessed,” Netanyahu concluded.

Ew, Jew Cooties: Dubai pulls the visas of Israeli cardiologists at the last minute. Because why would they want to advance the cause of medicine if they have to allow Jews to take part while doing so?

Really, the projection is so clear you can see it from Jupiter: Mahmoud Abbas has the nerve to chide Benjamin Netanyahu that if he wants peace, he has to act on it. Like Abbas has been doing all these years, you see. Of course, Abbas’ “actions” are the preconditions that would revert back to the 1949 Armistice lines. Yeah, fat chance.

Oh, sure they are: Iran is thinking of halting its nuclear work. Yeah. Right. It’s known as “cheat and retreat,” and they’ve been doing it successfully for years. And years. And years.

Gee, ya think? So the CIA finally figured out that calling an agent “a Jew-bastard” was anti-Semitic. Brilliant detective work, Sherlock!

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2 Responses to Wednesday briefs

  1. Empress Trudy says:

    I realized that the article on the CIA was published on the Daily Beast when I scanned down to the comments which were barely this side of of the psychotic ravings of anarcho-fascist ‘libertarian’ Lyndon LaRouche groupie, NeoNazi Defense Attorney and darling of the ‘progressive’ blogs, Glenn Greenwald. I have to wonder what the DB people were thinking, I mean other than trollbait for their insane readers. The kind who lost someone in at Auschwitz because he drunkenly fell out of a guard tower. Daily Beast: The Perfect Home for Peter Beinart.

  2. Alex Bensky says:

    We are still here and we will be, Meryl.

    And five hundred years from now who will remember Yasser Arafat? The Palestinians won’t because there will be no “Palestinian people.” An identity founded solely on entitlement, resentment, and hate is not likely to last long.

    The only people who will remember Arafat–yet another irony of Jewish history–are Jews. We will think of him every Passover, when we remember him merely as one of a long, long list of people who “in every generation rose up against us.”

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