Failtilla and other news briefs

Failtilla: Really? 40? Only 40 of the Flytidiots made it to Israel?

Police officials said hundreds more activists are expected to arrive in Israel throughout the day.

Oh, so there are going to be hundreds. Wow.

Epic fail.

Sure, Shari’a is totally like feminism, only the opposite of it: Egyptian Islamists are going to stop those uppity women from demanding divorces of their husbands.

The El-Omda’s aim is to rescind legislation dating from 2000 that gives women “khula,” the popular term for the right to turn to the courts to order a divorce in the event the husband refuses to grant one. Before that, Egyptian women did not have the right to divorce their spouses on their own terms.

And check out the doublespeak:

“It is corrupt,” El-Omda told The Media Line. “We want to end the connection to the Mubarak era and this is not Islamic for women. We, as Egyptians, want to make sure our laws and our society are part of Islam, which protects women and gives them rights.”

Got it? They’re taking away rights to show how Islam gives women rights.

Ah, the good old days: If Obama really wanted to channel Reagan (like he keeps saying when he talks lies about taxes, he’d imitate Reagan’s response to Iranian attacks on an American ship.

After that final attack, no more Iranian ships came on the offensive, and the US Navy called it a day. By the end of the day, the US had sunk one Iranian frigate, a gunboat, three speedboats, damaged another frigate and severely damaged the two oil platforms. Over 55 Iranian sailors were killed. On the American side two US Marines were killed, but their deaths were not combat related.

Yeah, that’s the way to show them.

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  1. Alex Bensky says:

    Deny women the right to seek a divorce when their husbands can do it at the drop of a hat? Meryl, when American feminists find out about this honest to goodness war on women…well, I pity the Egyptians.

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