Thursday news briefs

Can’t imagine why they didn’t elect him: A neo-Nazi came in dead last in a three-way Republican primary, and he’s blaming–get this–the reporter who published his Holocaust denial remarks.

After garnering 11% of the vote in the Republican primary, Jones lashed out at Swanson, calling her “deceptive and cowardly”, according to the Times of Israel, before calling her actions treasonous against America.

Jones says he is a National Socialist “philosophically” and to mark the anniversary of the birth of Adolph Hitler, he organizes a party each and every year at a local banquet hall.

Cue the Blues Brothers quote about Illinois Nazis.

Awww. Grass is now comparing Israel to Communists: So the ex-Nazi says Israel is acting like the German Communists by banning him from entering Israel. Here’s a tip for you, jackass: I hope you never come to America, either. But y’know, if you do, I think I’ll show up to wherever you are and boo you. Yeah, that’d be fun.

Peaceful Palestinian Passover terror attack foiled: Yet another Palestinian who only wants peace was stopped at a checkpoint before he could murder Jews. Oh, those horrible, life-saving checkpoints. Israel should totally get rid of them. They “humiliate” the Palestinians.

Wow, a cease-fire that actually ceases fire: An “uneasy truce” with no shooting is reported for Syria–as opposed to the “mostly” followed truces where terrorists lob rockets at Israel and the media declare the truce to be holding.

Mel Gibson says he doesn’t hate Jews: The latest on the Jew-hater who says he’s not. Yeah, drunken, hate-filled rants say you are. In vino veritas, and all that.

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2 Responses to Thursday news briefs

  1. Alex Bensky says:

    For crying out loud, Meryl, how many times do I have to remind you? When it comes to the Palestinians “observe the cease fire” means “don’t lob as many rockets at Israel as you were before.” Any Israeli reaction is breaking the cease fire.

    As to those horrid and oppressive checkpoints, I invite everyone who thinks they’re just a nasty and unwarranted imposition on peaceful Arabs by the Nazi-like Jews to google “Wafa al-Bis.”

  2. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    Considering how many muzzies are in the Southwest ‘Burbs-I’m amazed that Jones only garnered 11%.

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