Monday briefs

Another reason to like Chris Christie: You really can’t get much more Christian a name (unless you were, say, Jesus J. Jesus), and Gov. Christie is in Jerusalem on a visit “that mixes finance, faith and foreign affairs”. It’s only fair. Netanyahu went to school in New Jersey.

Slavery’s last stronghold: It’s Mauritania, and guess which religion dominates it? Yep. Islam. Here are the bare facts:

Population: 3.4 million
Percentage living in slavery: 10% to 20%
Enslaved population: 340,000 to 680,000
Year slavery was abolished: 1981
Year slavery became a crime: 2007
Convictions against slave owners: One

Yeah, Islam rocks for equality. Just ask any Mauritanian slave. There are hundreds of thousands to choose from. And where is the UN Human Rights Council concentrating in 2012? Why, Israeli settlements, of course. Because that’s the real human rights violation. Not slavery. Oh, and the slaves? Dark-skinned Africans. The slave owners? Light-skinned Arabs. Go figure.

Look for a hardening of the Palestinian position as a result: Mahmoud Abbas is in Egypt, meeting about the Hamas get-together that will never happen, what with Iran paying Hamas to block the unity deal. So if Egypt can offer more, Hamas will join Fatah and the result will be a hardening of Fatah’s already stubborn positions. It’s a lose-lose for Israel!

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  1. Actually, the “abolishment” of slavery was just a public relations ploy to enable them to get money from the west. There are still reports coming out of Saudi Arabia about actual slavery even if they either call it something else or pretend that it is not happening. The same thing is happening in Sudan.

  2. Eric J says:

    You missed this piece of good news over the weekend:

    Neturei Karta Rabbis beaten during anti-Israel rally in Jordan.

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