It’s Monday, and here are the briefs

Republican ideas: More varied than Democrats. Here’s scientific proof that liberals are dumber than conservatives. (Okay, not really, but it was fun to write that, since liberals think they’re so much smarter than conservatives. This book sounds interesting enough to actually read, and the author has a website that he hopes will get people on both sides of the aisle to be more interactive and less negative. Yeah, good luck with that, bub.

That non-violent march to Jerusalem is already violent: Yeah, what a shocker. Islamists in Morocco are burning Israeli flags and chanting “A million martyrs are going to Jerusalem.” If that sounds familiar to you, well, Yasser Arafat declared that on more than one occasion. I bring up his failure to give you a preview of their failure, but let’s face it: If this march is peaceful, I will stop blogging on Israeli issues. Because there would be no more need if Islamists felt that a peaceful protest that stopped on the border and simply chanted or held signs were the appropriate way to get their feelings across. Shyeah, I laughed typing that. Because those peaceful Muslims stormed a building where an Israeli diplomat was participating in a conference. He had to be whisked secretly out a side door for his own safety.

Well, I’m shocked, how about you? Turns out the Islamists in Egypt have a bigger role in shaping the new constitution than they were supposed to have. Funny, all that talk about their moderation seemed to have died down as well. But don’t worry. It’ll crop up again, after the latest Christian-threatenings die down. And anyway, the world is far more interested in Israeli settlements than in the flight of the oldest Christian community in the Middle East. What’s that you say? The UNHRC really cares about human rights? Shyeah. That’s why they let a Hamas member testify to them. Against Israel. Of course.

Only the New York Times: A Times blogger, which has the sanction of the International Herald Tribune, quotes Ha’aretz as saying that we should be careful about calling the deliberate murder of Jewish children at a Jewish school an anti-Semitic attack (rather than a terror attack). He then goes on to insist that anti-Semitism may be rising in France, but really, it’s not all that bad. He then quotes this essay in Slate by an American Jew who says you can’t be both French and Jewish (not her attitude, the French). No, nothing will convince the liberals that Jew-hatred is endemic throughout the Muslim world, and bubbling just beneath the surface in Europe.

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2 Responses to It’s Monday, and here are the briefs

  1. Alex Bensky says:

    Oh, Meryl, how very cynical. It is possible that the March to Jerusalem will be peaceful. It could happen.

    Of course, it could also happen that when I get home this evening Lucy Lawless will be on my doorstep, asking if she can come in and get out of these wet clothes. That could happen, too.

  2. Gary Rosen says:

    Off-topic, but not really: Obama caught off-mic telling Putin he will have more “flexibility” to deal with missile defense after the election. Now this is outrageous enough in itself, that Obama is essentially saying he is going to conceal his true foreign policy aims from the American people until after he is safely re-elected. But it should be downright chilling to supporters of Israel. Obama has spent nearly his entire political career in the company of anti-Zionists. He started his administration completely disdainful of Israel and has only started trying to appear more pro-Israel recently because of the political backlash. Can there be any doubt that if he is re-elected, and never has to ask for Jewish support again, his will be by far the most anti-Israel administration ever, including Carter’s?

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