When the media lie about “protesters”

Terrorists are planning a marching on Israel’s borders, with the intent of causing a media blitz in the manner of the Mavi Marmara. The world is going to call them “protesters”, not infiltrators, and yet, what will they be protesting? Let’s be honest: Israel’s existence. Here’s one of the organizers’ resume:

Amru was sentenced to seven life sentences in prison for his involvement in dispatching the suicide bomber who blew up at Cafe Hillel in Jerusalem on September 9, 2003. Seven Israelis were killed and more than 50 others were wounded in the attack. Among the dead were Detroit-born Dr. David Applebaum, director of the Shaare Zedek Medical Center emergency room, and his daughter Nava, whose wedding was scheduled for the following day.

They’re deliberately using the language of South Africa, because they think it’s working. They’re calling people like him “political prisoners”. Because all political prisoners plan and sponsor terror attacks.

In the meantime, France is withdrawing troops from UNIFIL, so Hezbollah’s murderous scare tactics are working.

A roadside bomb wounded five French peacekeepers in southern Lebanon in December, in the third attack of the year on UN forces in the area.

Italy is going to follow suit. And UNIFIL is utterly useless, anyway–on its watch, Hezbollah has been rearmed even more strongly than before, and managed to launch an attack on Israelis in sight of UNIFIL officials that murdered an Israeli officer on the border in Israel.

And of course, the media will constantly lie in favor of the terrorists. NPR ignores utterly Hamas’ refutation of this phony story about how Hamas won’t attack Israel if Israel attacks Iran. The NPR article has a publish date of 14 March. The Hamas story came out in the Guardian on 6 March. It was denied on 7 March.

But after the revolutions in the Middle East, Hamas is not looking to Tehran anymore but to Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas was founded as an offshoot of the brotherhood, and its leaders are looking to strengthen that relationship. Hamas now says it won’t intervene in any conflict between Iran and Israel over Tehran’s suspected nuclear weapons program.

Yeah, it’s all about the peace demanded by the Muslim Brotherhood, which is looking to break the Camp David Peace Treaty any way it can. The Brotherhood-dominated Egyptian Parliament just declared Israel to be its bitter enemy.

If this “protest” march comes off, look for the media to pull another Mavi Marmara on Israel. Here’s hoping Israel has learned its PR lessons from that, though judging from the last IDF response to Gaza rocket fire, I think they’re finally starting to catch on that they need to be proactive with the media blitz, not reactive.

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