Thursday EATAPETA Day briefs

Another terror attack? A female soldier was stabbed on a train by an Arab man. This part of the story may help you understand why Gilad Shalit was so important to Israel:

The victim has been put on the respirator machine and is undergoing a series of tests to see whether surgery will be necessary. Her mother is at her bedside.

I can’t think of many other newspapers that talk about having her family around her in quite such a personal way.

The non-truce daily rocket fire continues: Once again, when Israel retaliates for today’s rocket fire, or for the two grad rockets fired at Beersheba yesterday, the media will blame Israel for the “tit-for-tat” violence. Oh, look. They’ve already done that.

Israeli aircraft and Gaza rocket squads traded strikes across the border on Thursday as the Israeli prime minister blamed Iran for the violence from the Palestinian territory.

Note the equivalency. Israel striking terrorist squads who are firing rockets into Israel with the hope of murdering civilians is treated exactly the same by the AP. And the next comparison is equally as vile:

Thursday’s cross-border violence tested a shaky truce Israel and Gaza militants reached earlier this week to halt a four-day flare in fighting. Since then, sporadic rocket fire and Israeli airstrikes have persisted.

The AP is doubling down on the moral equivalency. Israel said quite plainly that the airstrikes will stop when the rocket attacks stop. The rocket attacks have not stopped. The terrorist groups know that Israel won’t go in without a much bigger cause than two or three rockets a day. And I wouldn’t be at all surprised to hear that they’re firing grad rockets on purpose to make Israel spend $40,000 per interceptor. Analysts are saying that Hamas is trying to rein in PIJ because the last thing they need right now is a war. If that’s the case, then Israel should go into Gaza and rid itself of Iran’s proxy terrorists once and for all. It would take a valuable tool from Iran. Hm. The thought just occurred to me: Israel will have to go into Gaza before any strike on Iran, and take out the missiles. Double hm.

Turks are outrageously outraged: Let’s be honest here, Turkey. Most Israelis don’t vacation in your country anymore, and it’s all your fault. So can the faux outrage. That’s what you get when you side with the terrorists.

Oh, yeah, like we were gonna let a craphole like Afghanistan try an American soldier: A nation that sentences apostates to death is angry because we won’t let them put on trial the U.S. soldier who killed 16 civilians. No thanks. We’ll try him here, and punish him according to our laws.

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