Your lunchtime giggle

This is what you get when you have a Google News section for Turkey.

A neighbor has stalked Edna Geisler for two months. He lurks in her front yard, screeching at her constantly, even jumping out occasionally and attacking her when she dares wander outside alone.

“I’m afraid to go out of my house,” said Geisler, 69. “I have to go to the post office at 6 o’clock in the morning to avoid him.”

When she returned home with groceries recently, Geisler couldn’t get in her front door.

There’s a video at the link.

Shoot it and eat it, woman!

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  1. Elisson says:

    The Mistress of Sarcasm lives up in NW Connecticut, where she receives regular visits from a brace of wild turkeys. Once in a while she’ll see a renegade pheasant, too – an escapee from the pheasant farm in nearby Sharon, the birds having gotten out after a pre-Hallowe’en snowstorm.

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