A pledge drive (but not for me)

A friend of mine is in a band, and they’re trying to raise $2,500 for expenses for a tour–which will actually include a stop in Richmond, so I can see my “nephew” for the first time in, um, okay, it’s more than ten years but less than twenty.

They’re not quite halfway there. Kickstarter is an online fundraising site that helps aspiring artists raise money by asking for donations from, well, everyone. I may be using it myself later this year, but for now, help my nephew raise the funds for his band’s tour, and you’re also helping me see Paul this spring. (Aunt Meryl will also be sponsoring the band overnight after their Richmond performance.)

You can contribute a buck, five bucks, or as much as you like. If you have an Amazon account, your pledge can be made via Amazon. You have to create a Kickstarter account to pledge/donate, but it was fast and easy.

If you have an extra couple of bucks, throw ’em Paul’s way.

Hey, here’s a good reason: Tomorrow’s Blogger Appreciation Day. I don’t want much for it. Just to make my nephew and his bandmates happy.

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