Quick Monday links

Hamas is totally out of Syria.

Hezbollah is delusional.

The Iranians are delusional. (It’s a freaking movie, schmucks.)

A ray of light in France?

Gee, the Russians don’t want Israel to attack their client state. How–1980s of them.

Israel Apartheid Week not so successful overall. Here’s my favorite part of the article:

A survey among American students reveals that 80% are in fact not interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Related: Buycott beats boycott.

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One Response to Quick Monday links

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    “Binczak added that the university would work to strengthen ties with both the Beit Berl College -located in central Israel – and al-Aqsa University in the Gaza Strip. He noted that he supports a political solution which will secure freedom to the Palestinian people. ”

    What boilerplate. He ought to realize that the Palestinian Arabs will never have freedom as long as they are ruled by either Fatah or Hamas (or practically any Arabs, for that matter). They’ll just experience either a fascist tyranny or a radical Muslim dictatorship. They might have independence, although I doubt they actually are much concerned with that (they don’t want their own state, all they want to do is kill Jews). But, as we learned from the experience of decolonization, independence doesn’t bring freedom to people, except in rare cases. Generally it just gets them worse, more oppressive rulers.

    The Iranians and their Arab tools sure are tough-talking blowhards, aren’t they?

    Notice the antipathy of the “hardliners” mentioned in the article on the Oscar award for an Iranian-made film. I wonder how much of the enthusiasm for the award is aimed at dissing the clerical dictatorship and its radical Islamic allies? The euphoria and the disdain may reflect internal Iranian politics more than anything else.

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