Sunday snowy briefs

Really? The Brits were buying oil from Iran even though they know that Iran is working toward a nuclear bomb? Really? So Iran cutting off exports to the U.K. and France is, what–a waste of time for all involved? Because some other nation that doesn’t care about sanctions will buy the Iranian oil, so who cares? On the other hand, when the British foreign minister tells Israel that they’d better not attack Iran, I think we’ve got an idea on which side their bread is buttered. Because let’s face it, if the U.K. gave a crap about Israel, they’d have stopped buying Iranian oil years ago. By the way, Spain, Italy, and Greece are still buying Iranian oil. If we give Greece a thin dime….

Yes, and he likes puppies and kittens and fluffy clouds and rainbows: Of course the world media doesn’t tell you that the Palestinian on a hunger strike is a leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad, a terrorist group out to destroy Israel. Like the BBC. What are they calling him? A “33-year-old baker”. Elder did the background on this “baker.” The AP explains his background in the same way:

The hunger strike has transformed Adnan into a Palestinian hero, with thousands protesting in support of the once obscure bearded baker. The Iranian-backed Islamic Jihad has vowed revenge if Adnan dies, possibly by firing rockets into Israel from Gaza. The group has killed dozens of Israelis in suicide bombings and other attacks. Adnan was once a spokesman for the group. It’s unclear if he ever participated in any attacks.

Buried at the end of the AP article is the news that Adnan’s buddies are firing rockets into Israel.

Also Saturday, Palestinian militants fired three rockets from Gaza into Israel, officials said.

Israeli police spokesman Shmuel Ben Ruby and a military official said the rockets landed in an open area, causing no damage.

A years-old understanding between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers have halted much of the rocket fire from the tiny territory. But Palestinian militants continue to fire salvos at Israel — either in defiance of Hamas, or with the militant rulers’ quiet permission.

No Palestinian group immediately claimed responsibility for the rocket firing.

Your media bias at work. Civilians being attacked with grad rockets? No biggie. A Palestinian on a hunger strike claiming he’s being jailed unfairly? Big news.

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  1. Alex Bensky says:

    Geez, Meryl, what do you want? There aren’t as many rockets fired into Israel as there once were; that’s a truce by Middle East standards. And no Palestinian group has claimed credit for the rocketry. Clearly, then, no Palestinian group is responsible, and I bet the Gazan authorities are doing their best to stop what there is.

    Therefore any Israeli retaliation will be breaking the truce. Q.E.D.

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