Wednesday news roundup

The roots of anti-Semitism: Deeper than you think. A new book (which I think I should buy) traces the roots of anti-Semitism and discovers that the Greeks and Romans hated us millennia ago just as much as–well, gee. As much as some Greeks still do today.

Yes, they’re still trying to kill Jews: Palestinians are still trying to murder Jews on a regular basis, throwing rocks and firebombs. But don’t worry. The AP will call them “protestors,” just like it does these people, who hurt a soldier with one of their little “rocks”.

Jaw-Jaw, not war-war? Dennis Ross says Iran is ready to talk. I’m at a loss as to how he thinks this is so, but I don’t have the contacts he does. So I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. Until Iran’s next insistence that it won’t talk and will continue to work on nukes.

Et tu, Bloomberg? (Actually, that’s just for poetic license. I already know that even Bloomberg news has a bias against Israel.) The headline to this article about Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Cyprus?

Netanyahu Visit to Cyprus May Stoke Mediterranean Gas Dispute

Let us review: Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974 and illegally occupied half the island, which even the UN acknowledges. Turkey’s current Islamist prime minister systematically destroyed Turkey’s ties with Israel in order to wrench the title of leader of the world’s Islamists from Iran. This included, as we all remember, sending a flotilla to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, filled with IHH terrorists whose only goal was to kill Israeli soldiers and make Israel look bad. Part two succeded completely, with the willing aid of the world anti-Israel media, the UN, and useful idiot Judge Richard Goldstone.

As a result of Turkey’s sudden turn away from Israel, Israel has made outreaches to nations like Cyprus, which it formerly treated gingerly so as not to offend Turkey. Subsequently, huge gas fields were discovered in the Mediterranean off the coasts of Israel and Cyprus. Turkey insists that any effort to claim Cyprus’ gas is a hostile action. So when Netanyahu makes ready for his first-ever visit to Cyprus, who, exactly, is going to “stoke” the dispute? Why, Israel, of course.

Your anti-Israel media bias, in one headline.

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3 Responses to Wednesday news roundup

  1. Bibi’s visit to Cyprus will spread the message that it is possible to resist to Islamist aggressors. By definition that will “stoke” the dispute by backing the Cypriotes’ willingness to defend themselves. Thus, the headline is correct in a sense.

  2. Gary Rosen says:

    I am completely in favor of talks with Iran, as long as their part of the conversation resembles that of Japan on the deck of the Missouri.

  3. Alex Bensky says:

    I’m with you, Gary. I think talks with Iran would be fruitful if the subject were limited to, “Would you like us to help you clear away the rubble?”

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