Let’s stop pretending it isn’t the Islamism

Our friends the Saudis got Interpol to arrest one of their citizens, who fled to Malaysia–a nation that I have been told over and over again is a mostly Muslim nation that is tolerant of other religions (never mind that their former prime minister is a vicious anti-Semite), and is now on his way back to–Saudi Arabia. Where he will likely be executed for blasphemy, or at the very least, beaten.

The Saudis are a cash machine for terrorists, currently still funding the jihadis in Afghanistan and other nations who are killing/have killed Americans. They were 15 of the 19 9/11 hijackers. And our president bowed down before their king during his first few months in office.

We need a president who is willing to stand up to the Saudi oil ticks.

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  1. My understanding of Malaysian law is that there are *civil* courts for non-Muslims. Whether these “work” or not, I don’t pretend to know. A Shia correspondent tells me that prior to visiting Malaysia she was instructed not to do – or publicly *read* – anything that might identify her as Shia, because it might subject her to the whims of Fundamentalist Sunni courts.

  2. In circumstances like this I want to adopt the insane far left’s view of the world which never saw an antisemitic genocidal Bronze Age sewer they couldn’t support, under the aegis of ‘Who are we to condemn their quaint and multifaceted indigenous cultures?’

    Good for Saudi Arabia for asserting their ethnic and cultural values. We need more of it. The goal of every devoted Islamic fascist or their supporters here in the west is to be holding the ax that kills the next to last one in one hand, and a suicide belt in the other. I don’t want to stand between them and their dreams in any way.

  3. Veeshir says:

    We need a president who is willing to stand up to the Saudi oil ticks.

    The problem is that the oil ticks have been buying our politicians and diplomats for decades.
    I can’t remember one who didn’t ignore their was on the west.

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