Thursday news briefs

Because name-calling is such a great way to make your point: This column in Ha’aretz is titled “Every Jewish mother’s nightmare.” What, that their son/daughter intermarry and don’t raise the children in the faith? That they should, God forbid, die an early death? That they can’t live a long and happy life? No. It’s that they became a Republican. You know what? Not funny. Despicable. And oh yeah, just to make the point even worse: They picture Dean at a gun show, holding a camo rifle. Because guns are even worse than Republicans. Hey, Jewish moms out there? I voted Republican in the last two presidential elections and I own a rifle and a pistol and am looking to buy a shotgun. Fear me!

A true fifth columnist: An Arab-Israeli member of the Knesset talks about how the shahid is the true hero of Palestinians. Well, at least he’s being truthful–he’s for the terrorists, not for Israel.

“They are the shahids who the occupier calls terrorists and we say are fighting for the homeland,” Tibi said during his speech.

But Israeli is an apartheid state, where the Arabs aren’t allowed to vote or take part in politics… oh. Wait. And of course, he denies that he meant he supports suicide bombers. Yeah. Sure.

It’s time for the annual Israel stomp: The UN released its annual report on the condition of Palestinian human rights. Did it point out that women in Ramallah are going on a hunger strike to protest the treatment of women in the Palestinian territories? No. Did it point out that Hamas is no longer letting men cut women’s hair, that Christians can’t worship freely, and that women are being forced to wear “modest” clothing? Nope. What it did do was call the Israeli blockade of Gaza “collective punishment” and go over the list of things that mean, mean Israel is doing to the pure, innocent Palestinians. No mention of that by Ban Ki-Moon, but he sure did go overboard telling the Israelis to freeze settlements.

The Jewish National Fund: Protecting Israelis from snipers. Give generously. The JNF is working with the IDF to plant trees around Israeli border towns to prevent snipers from having easy access to targets. Tell me, what other nation in the world needs to do anything like this? And of course, the mainstream media will ignore this story completely.

The AP whitewashes the Muslim Brotherhood’s attitude on Israel:. But of course they do.

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5 Responses to Thursday news briefs

  1. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    My JEWISH parents were cradle conservatives and my late father was not only a lifetime member of the NRA he was also a member of the JPFO.
    Take THAT, liberal Jews!

  2. Even worse according to them would be someone who goes to shul every day. They might not even let them vote to begin with.

    Of course, the only people who speak sensibly in the article are the Republican Jews. The Democrat mother only votes Democrat because … (I cannot tell why)

    The main horror is that Dean actually listens to what Rush Limbaugh says and the people who actually look at what Obama did rather than close their eyes and pretend to belive the propaganda.


    The latest, according to Globes, Israel’s Business newspaper:

    Netanyahu denies calling “NY Times,” “Haaretz” Israel’s biggest enemies

    However, he firmly refused to deny that the statement was true.

  4. Alex Bensky says:

    Well, I am a disaffected Democrat but not a Republican and I’m not sure I’m ever going to be. Still, if my late mother were around she’d probably politely say nothing about the political trajectory I have followed. On the other hand, she was a passionate Zionist and the opposite of an idiot so I doubt she’d be happy at the Obama administration’s policy towards Israel. On the other hand, the Democrats cited in the article prove Norman Podhoretz’s point that to large numbers of American Jews, liberalism has become their religion.

    Arguing with them on this or that point is as useless as arguing that the Resurrection didn’t occur or that the Koran is not the dictation of the angel Gabriel. These are positions of faith and evidence isn’t relevant.

  5. Cynic says:

    But Israeli is an apartheid state,

    Isn’t it amazing that nobody cares about the people of Darfur, Nigeria and other places being killed and denied a life, while they carry on about the Palestinians as the only “deprived” bunch on earth.
    It’s because there are Jews involved. If there were none the “Palestinians” would receive as much attention as the people in Syria do from the international crowd of bigoted hypocrits.

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