Wednesday news roundup

Not a very good career choice anymore: If I were an Iranian nuclear scientist, I’d be looking to defect by now. Their life spans keep getting shorter and shorter, thanks to some agency that keeps on blowing them up, or creating deadly “accidents.” Of course the Mossad gets the blame, but still–dudes, take my advice: Get a new job.

A hack for a hack: Well, Israeli hackers said they’d do it, and they did it. Now Saudi citizens’ (and citizens from other nations) credit information is online for all to see. This is bad all the way around. Escalation sucks.

Gee, I can’t imagine why she’s offended: A Likud minister, who happens to be (in some Jews’ eyes) genderly-challenged, objects to a sign outside a synagogue in Beit Shemesh that asks women to refrain from “chattering” if walking past while services let out. Go figure, a woman doesn’t want to be told to shut up for fear of offending the sensibilities of men. And the worst part of this? The sign’s been up for 10 years.

Iran isn’t going to like this at all: India and Israel are getting closer.

Spreading lies and misinformation, that’s what Time Magazine’s good for: Karl Vick is doubling down on his insistence that Hamas is moderating. Here’s what he wrote a couple of days ago:

In recent weeks, however, as the rival factions have sought to reconcile, Hamas chief Khaled Mashaal has said the organization will put aside military means in favor of unarmed “popular” resistance, saying it’s the method all factions can agree on.

Yeah, not so much.

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  1. Rahel says:

    I just did a search, in Hebrew, for similar signs. They’re all over now, apparently, like poison mushrooms. There’s one gem that asks women who are waiting for their husbands to come out of shul to wait in “concealed places,” such as behind parked vans. Respect for women, indeed.

    Anyway, here is my translation of the sign outside the synagogue in Beit Shemesh:

    By order of the rabbi of this place, may he have a long life, amen:

    Women are requested
    to go to the sidewalk across the street
    in order not to pass near the synagogue
    and certainly not to linger on the sidewalk
    which is used as a passage for those who attend this synagogue.

    I don’t see anything about chattering on the sign, but I believe I remember seeing it on other signs.

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