What’s on Meryl’s night table?

I thought I’d share the contents of my night table with my readers.

What's on Meryl's night table

The all-important items: A clock radio, a book light, a Chapstick, a phone, and a gun. It’s in a Lifejacket clamshell with the key inside, so that I can lock it and put it out of reach of children at a moment’s notice. There’s also a standing rule in my home that children are not allowed to go upstairs without an adult present, just in case I ever forget to lock it up.

My night table items have sure changed since I lived in NJ. Oh, wait, no. Only the gun has been added.

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3 Responses to What’s on Meryl’s night table?

  1. Pamela says:

    Looks like a good night table to me.

    The grip looks comfy.

  2. Stretch says:

    I’m sure your flashlight is resting on the floor. Right?
    Gotta see what you’re aiming at.

  3. No, but that’s not a bad idea. It’s really light in my house at night. I live in a neighborhood of mostly retired old ladies, and they likes them their streetlights.

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