Thursday, briefly

Woo, what a great ally! Turkey says if there’s an attack on Iran, it won’t be from Turkey. Yeah, we kinda knew that, what with Turkey refusing to allow American forces to pass through Turkey on their way to Iraq in 2003. but not to worry, that won’t stop Obama from praising the anti-Israel Islamist-in-chief.

And yet, they’re still going to be used as civilian shields by Hamas: Gazans held a disaster preparedness drill. See title.

So bizarre I don’t know what to think: It isn’t enough that someone created a Lego concentration camp. A museum bought it and will display it. Sorry, but the ick factor is far too high for me. And oh, who bought it? A Polish museum. Shyeah, the Poles are totally over their Jew hatred. Really. Truly.

Sure, cutting the budget for soldiers always works out well: Obama wants to cut half a million troops over next ten years as part of his idea for modernizing the U.S. Armed Forces. While I agree that we do need to make our air and naval forces cutting edge, I think it’s utterly absurd to drop the number of standing troops. Boots on the ground is what did the job in Iraq. There’s no substitute for it.

Islamists who put country before themselves? I’m not sure what to think of this. The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood leadership refused Iran’s offer to make a deal with the Dorktator and join in against their countryment to prop up Assad. Since the Brotherhood is all about helping itself, I suspect they refused to deal because they know a losing situation when they see it. It’s curtains for Assad, I tell you. Curtains.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Let us hope the Dorktator is going to be toast PDQ. Unfortunately, I supsect the Ikhwan Muslimi will inherit, just as in Egypt; they’ve been the main opposition to the Ba’athists for a long time. It was the Ikhwan that led the revolt at Hama in 1982.

    I have the notion that the reason the Arab political culture is so dysfunctional (the real root cause of the jihadist terrorism we have been fighting) is that in all their various attempts at coming to terms with the modern world that the Arabs have tried, letting their people be free is the one the various elites ruling the Arab countries have avoided most assiduoously. There is no reason to believe that the Ikhwan, if it comes to power anywhere, will allow freedom and liberty to flourish (just look at Gaza). Islam, after all, means submission.

    On another note, I was disappointed that Iseema bin Laden did not comment on big brother’s ascension to Paradise and his 72 virgins. Can you no longer get access to his diary, or was he bumped off by a drone strike?

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    “Turkey says if there’s an attack on Iran, it won’t be from Turkey.”

    If there is an attack on Turkey I’d bet it would be from Iran.

    Both Iran and Turkey see themselves as the regional hegemon and it irks them that the US is in the way. Their quest for hegemony is also at one root of their rabid hostility to Israel. By carrying out genocide on the Jews they will gain the loyalty of all the Muslims who share the goal of finishing the job Hitler started, or so they think. Trouble is, not only are the two in direct competition with each other for regional dominance, the Sunni-Shi’a hatred also divides them. For the frosting on the cake, the two powers were deadly enemies for centuries, going back to their predecessor empires even before Islam came along (Rome/Byzantium vs. Parthian/Sassanian). The Ottomans in Turkey and the Safavids in Persia waged wars against each other from the early 16th century onward. The only reason the wars stopped was that both coutries had to start grappling with Western empires advancing into the region, especially Russia, Britain, and France.

    Just about the only things that unite Turkey and Iran are opposition to Israel and the US and their mutual troubles with the Kurds. Absent their mutual hatreds, mainly based on the overweening vanity of Muslims thinking they should rule the world and stamp on the faces of the wretched dhimmis, they’d be at each others’ throats before long. I expect they will be anyway, soon enough.

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